About Us

Bespoke Baobei bibs are handmade in California by Danielle Woo. She began making her son bibs to match his outfits so that they would last longer with all the drool and spit up that came with him. She wanted something that added to his outfits. By the time her daughter was born, she realized that she was not the only mom who wanted bibs that dressed up her baby's outfits. She wanted to make heirloom quality bibs for other families. As a quilter, Danielle was drawn to quilted bibs and, after many struggles with undoing snaps on clothing, preferred bibs that tied. That's when the Bespoke Baobei baby bib style was born.
Our bibs are constructed with vintage fabrics, upcycled materials, and fabrics from Danielle's quilting stash. This reduces textile waste and supports our eco-friendly choices. Each bib contains two layers of quilt batting, perfect for soaking up spit up and drool. However, they should not be used with food as food could forever stain. They are all reversible.
Our bibs are designed to tie, not snap. They are intended for Special Occasions and should never be worn without adult supervision as they tie around the neck. They should always be tied in a bow and should never be double knotted. 
Tied with Love. XO